May 2-6


Monday, 5/2 (40)
Class: go over "Quintus de se" pg. 79
HW: do Practicing the Language pg. 81, Exercise B (write out sentences and translate)--due Tuesday

Tuesday, 5/3 (40)
Class: go over PTL, pg. 81.B; discuss About the Language II, pg. 80 (questions)
HW: do About the Language II pg. 80, Exercise D (write out translation of sentences)--due Thursday

Wednesday, 5/4
No Class

Thursday, 5/5 (80)
Class: go over ATL II, pg. 80.D; do PTL pg. 82 exercise C (identify the verb tenses); do worksheets 16.3 and 16.4
HW: look over Stage 16 vocabulary and do worksheet 16.5 (English derivatives)--due Monday

Friday, 5/6
No Class