Course Objective

Unlike French 1, 2, or 3, French 4 is the first elective language course in the Upper School. While it is not completely different from French courses you have taken up to now, expectations may be a little higher and coursework will increase in rigor.

Our study of the language will shift to include more authentic materials. We will use news excerpts, texts from print and online media, literature, song lyrics, and others to support our thematic discussions. Each month will be dedicated to a different theme pertaining to French culture and society.

The onus will increasingly be placed on personal expression, both in speaking and in writing. You will be asked to synthetize and present information from authentic sources, as well as express your own opinion on the questions raised by these documents. Ad-hoc grammar and vocabulary will be introduced to support you in these tasks.

Finally, our work will include the in-depth study of two literary works: Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle and Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Both of these books will be read in extenso and discussed. We will also watch the movies based on the books.



You will be expected to bring the following to all classes:

  • a pen and a pencil;
  • Latitudes 3 textbook
  • Latitudes 3 workbook

In addition, on designated days, you will need to bring your readers, which will be loaned to you by the school.

Taking good notes and keeping them organized is an important part of succeeding in the course. 

Forgetting part or all of your materials three times in one trimester will result in a morning detention.

Classroom Behavior

So that everyone can enjoy the best possible learning environment, you will be asked to follow some common sense guidelines:

 Three unexcused tardies in the same trimester will result in a morning detention;

 This means listening when others are talking, not interrupting, not making fun of other people’s opinions, or of their mistakes;

 Do not fall into private conversations with neighbors, even if they are about the class.

In case of disruptive behavior, the student in question will receive up to two warnings, followed by a morning detention. If the behavior persists, the student’s parents will be notified by phone. If the problem is still not resolved, the student, the parents, and I will meet with the Chair of the Department and/or the Dean of Students, or Head of the Upper School.

Academic Honesty

Students in this course are expected to abide by the rules of academic honesty outlined in Penn Charter’s Community Code. The class also has specific guidelines, described below.

GROUP WORK: You will be expected to complete all the work in the class on your own, unless otherwise specified in writing on the assignment page. Work on essays and writing samples must be strictly personal.

DICTIONARIES AND TRANSLATORS: Use of paper or electronic dictionaries is permitted for homework and take-home assignments. The use of translators is strictly forbidden. For example, Altavista’s Babelfish, Google’s Language Tools, and’s Translator are all electronic translators. Wordreference and Reverso are both dictionaries. The major difference is that a dictionary identifies part of speech and gender, and gives you examples within a context.

*Special Note for Google Chrome Users: Chrome allows you to translate entire web pages into English as you browse. You should not be using that feature while completing work for French class. If you use Chrome as your browser, please read this for help on adjusting your settings. You should either click "Nope" or disable the translation bar altogether.

GRAMMAR RESOURCES: The use of grammar tools such as Grévisse, Bescherelle, 501 French Verbs, Schaum’s French Grammar, etc. is allowed and encouraged for take-home assignments and homework. It is not allowed for in-class assessments, including tests and quizzes.

TUTORS: Tutors may not help you brainstorm, complete, correct, proofread, or spot-check homework, or take-home assignments for this class.  You may work with a tutor on assignments that have already been fully graded. This is also true of parents, neighbors, French-speaking friends, etc.

Violations of the Community Code as it pertains to academic honesty will be immediately reported to the Dean of Students.


Tests and Quizzes

Tests and quizzes will account for 70% of your overall grade.


We will have a test in class at the end of each unit, or about every 4 weeks. Tests will be between 40 minutes and one hour in length. Tests may include listening comprehension, reading comprehension, culture, vocabulary, grammar, composition, and spoken interviews. Tests will be graded out of 100. All work on tests is strictly personal (per the Community Code). If you miss a test, you will be asked to make it up no more than one week after coming back to school.


Quizzes will be given regularly, with or without advance notice (look out for not-so-subtle hints!) They will be about 10 minutes long, and will be worth between 5 and 20 points, depending on their length. Work on quizzes is also personal (see above) and in case of absence, quizzes must be made up within one week.


Homework will account for 20% of your overall grade.

Written homework will be assigned at the end of most classes. All homework will be checked for completion. 

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. There is a one-point-per-class penalty for late assignments (in other words, days on which our class does not meet do not count). If homework is more than three classes late, it will not be accepted and you will receive a 0 for that assignment.

Occasionally, homework will be collected and graded for completion and accuracy. In that case, you will be told so at the time the homework is assigned. Homework about brand-new material will never be graded for accuracy. If you are absent from school, you need to show me or hand in to me your completed homework for the class or classes you missed on the day you return to school.


You will be graded for participation in class. This includes volunteering answers (even if they are not correct!), participating in brainstorms, participating in group work, presenting skits, using French as much as possible, coming to class prepared, etc. Of course, this is a very important part of the course. Try to make the most of the time that we have together in class by being alert and engaged. 

Participation and behavior will account for 5% of your overall grade.

French Table

You are expected to attend French Table 4 times each trimester. French Table meets in room 225 at lunch on Blue Thursdays, Yellow Tuesdays, and Yellow Thursdays.  

Attendance at French Table will account for 5% of your overall grade.

Extra Credit

On occasion, you will have the opportunity to earn extra credit by completing assignments or participating in activities. Extra credit opportunities will be announced in class, posted on the class page, and/or on the French bulletin board outside room 225. 

FRENCH TABLE: You can earn extra credit by attending the French Table more than the required four times.

What is on the web page?

Homework assignments

You can view homework assignments by accessing the Calendrier. Assignments will be updated continuously.

Notes from class

After each class, notes from the day taken on the SmartBoard will be uploaded into the Calendrier as a .pdf file which you can view, print, or download.

Your current grade

I keep my grade book online, so you can have access to your grade in real time. The page that shows your grade is secure and contains no other personal information about you. You  will be given information about how to register to access your grade during the first week of class. Grades are updated continuously. They include information about absences from class and tardiness, as well as your current trimester average and year average. Please note that your participation grades will be added at mid-trimester and the end of the trimester only.

Course Contract

Once you have read this description carefully, please sign in the comments box below by entering the following: 

"I have read the description of the French 4 course and I agree to do my best to follow the expectations outlined on this page. [Type your name here]."