Mme Pal est absente!

publié le 12 janv. 2014, 18:19 par Sandrine Pal   [ mis à jour : 12 janv. 2014, 18:19 ]
Bonjour! Désolée, aujourd'hui je suis absente. Vous allez faire des activités sur Internet:

Click on the green play button next to each sentence. Do you hear the present tense (where the ending is silent) or the passé composé (where the é is sounded)?

Which of the three subjects matches the conjugated form of avoir?

Write in the correct form of avoir for each sentence.

Match each picture with the correct verb in the past participle. You may not know ALL these verbs: look them up! Also be sure to click on "Next" after each set of pictures: it's a three-page activity.

Match each picture with the correct sentence in the passé composé. Again, if you don't know a verb, look it up!

Fill in the blanks in the passé composé with the verb in brackets. If you need help, click on the "Aide" button. When you are done, click on "Vérifier" to check your answers.

Try exercises 1, 4, 5, and 6 on this page.